Breedon Group with Rimilia Enhance Transformation of Financial Processes

Matthew Schmid, Head of Credit Services for Breedon Group, said: “We handle a huge variety and volume of transactions across our three divisions: Cement, GB and Ireland. Our business spans quarries with a smaller volume of high-value transactions, aggregate businesses, downstream products and concrete customers where we handle a large volume of lower-value transactions. We work with customers on different terms, several currencies and partial payments, and all payment types: cash, transfers, credit, debit and cheques. We needed a solution that could handle all our conditions and parameters.”

Matthew Schmid continued: “After we made the decision to automate our cash application process, we spoke with other vendors in our market, which led us to Rimilia. Rimilia had the technology and team, and could provide a consistent, proven and scalable solution that met all our needs and could work across our whole group. It’s early days but we already see an impact from working with Rimilia. We are delighted with these initial results, which include a process which used to take our team a few days being reduced to a few hours. That’s transformative for our team and our business and we look forward to other new outcomes as we continue to optimize our financial processes.”

 Steve Richardson, cofounder and CCO of Rimilia, said: “It’s a pleasure to work with businesses of the calibre, reputation and reach of Breedon Group, which is a true leader in its market. We’re proud to be part of the Breedon financial team’s direction and purpose, which reflects our own vision to transform back-end financial processes, increase productivity, and make AI accessible to financial teams.”