Breqwatr Unveils New OpenStack Private Cloud Appliance

Image Attribution: Flickr

Deploying private cloud doesn’t have to be difficult. The new Breqwatr Cloud Appliance 2.0 is designed to streamline your next private cloud deployment. Breqwatr’s cloud appliance gives small to medium sized businesses a turnkey solution for deploying private cloud. Administrators can simply rack the device, patch it in and begin serving up private cloud throughout the enterprise.
Breqwatr comes with a customized version of OpenStack allowing administrators to easily provision virtual machines, setup resource quotas and more. The Breqwatr Cloud Appliance 2.0 can be easily scaled out to accommodate additional nodes within your private cloud, providing additional ease of use for Breqwatr adopters.
Key Features of the Breqwatr Cloud Appliance 2.0

  • Easily Expandable – Breqwatr can be automatically expanded to allocate additional compute and storage resources.
  • UI Built for Consumers – The user interface (UI) of Breqwatr allows users to provision services they need, giving them on-demand access to critical private cloud components.
  • Resiliency and Uptime – Breqwatr was built for high availability (HA) . Administrators can select which loads require HA and allocate accordingly.
  • Hardware Administration – The Breqwatr appliance allows administrators to get an in depth view of the physical hardware used to host their private cloud through a web browser.

John Kadianos, CEO of Breqwatr, is quoted in a press release as saying, “At Breqwatr, we’re dedicated to empowering the enterprise to take full advantage of private clouds.”
Kadianos adds, “With the Breqwatr Cloud Appliance, we are removing the guesswork and helping enterprises realize the quickest time to value available for private cloud today. We’re committed to making OpenStack more accessible and therefore have kept user experience at the forefront of our design principles. With this product, we’re bringing the value of public cloud computing into the comfort and security of one’s own datacenter.”
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