Bug Bounty Program Launch to Enhance Oyo Security

The Indian hospitality company Oyo is teaming up with other tech companies, ethical hackers, and security researchers hoping to find bugs and loopholes in their platform.

They have dubbed this the “Oyo Bug Bounty Program” and aims to ensure that there is positive feedback from security groups.

The number is rising for hacks, security issues, and data theft across the world. These leaks can cost companies massively when it comes to time, money, and resources.

Oyo and other companies are beginning to take matters into their own hands and set up the game. The game-changer for Oyo is their bug bounty program in hopes of securing their platform.

The bug bounty team is comprised of over 1000 experts in the fields of security, network engineering, software engineering, and external security partners. These people are working around the clock to ensure that the Oyo system is not being compromised.

Oyo wants its customers and stakeholders to rest assured that they are safe.

The type of practice that Oyo is adopting is generally used by larger corporations. The new bug bounty program follows the established procedures that are required when investigating vulnerabilities in programs.

The hospitality chain has developed a disclosure policy for researchers to report honest and potential risks to the system.

An essential part of Oyo’s team is AppSecure/Hackerhive. This is a specialized cybersecurity startup that matches companies with ethical hackers.

These hackers then enter the infrastructure and report back the discovery of security vulnerability. They are also capable of fixing them upon discovery.

Oyo has also teamed up with several other tech security firms for this program.

The company is hoping that by adopting the new program, its customers will benefit. They want to safeguard their guests from online fraud or from being victims of cybercrimes.