BuilDATAnalytics: Bridging Cloud and Construction

At first glance, men and women in hardhats may not look like they can benefit from the world of cloud computing. Think again! BuilDATAnalytics is a start up based in Reston, VA and the goal of this organization is to help the construction world by providing the ability to use and manipulate live, real-time data with the cloud.

BuilDATAnalytics started up the same way many other start ups are founded. Tiffany Brown found herself as the President of a construction company. The venture was founded by her father and her husband. Ms. Brown was brought into the company to provide a clear business direction in addition to helping out with client relations. One day, a client came to Ms. Brown and asked her how many doors had been installed in a project they were building out. Brown, who did not have immediate access to the data, was unable to give an exact answer. She ended up going back and counting the doors individually thus providing an accurate answer. The process ended up wasting precious time when she should have been doing more important tasks.
Instead of living with the results and the embarrassment of not knowing the answers required of her by her clients, Tiffany Brown decided that this should never happen again. That is why she launched BuilDATAnalytics. Brown left the construction industry in 2012 and now focuses exclusively on her startup. The platform that her software uses is called CTBIM which is an acronym for Construction Trade Building Information Management. Data that is inputted or outputted can be viewed on any smartphone or tablet. Brown noted that when she was in the construction industry, she saw plenty of the problems that seemed to have an easy solution. Since many construction managers are already using mobile devices on the job site, the barrier of entry into utilizing the cloud is low.
BuilDATAnalytics gives all members of a job site the ability to see up-to-date blueprints, the latest instructions from management and all of the real-time data they need in order to make their clients happy. Tiffany Brown has made some noise in her local entrepreneur community. Her start up recently secured $15,000 by placing 1st in a business pitch competition held in the Washington D.C. area. Brown, the founder of BuilDATAnalytics, plans on using the money to hire additional staff while continuing to expand the reach of her enterprise.