Business VPN Accelerate Provides Speed Up to 10x on Cloud Apps

Business VPN Accelerate by Orange Business Services is a unique take on VPN tunnels. The main premise of Orange’s VPN service is to create a private tunnel that helps businesses get faster access to cloud apps.
This is achieved by using Akamai cloud networking, which provides cached data and shorter routes to cloud data hosted all over the world. Business VPN Accelerate comes with specific service level objectives, such as the ability to provide businesses with a faster way to reach SaaS apps.
“Getting networks fit for a cloud future with ‘business grade’ connectivity is a vital first step that enterprises need to take to meet their digital business transformation goals,” says Pierre-Louis Biaggi, vice president, Connectivity Solutions, Orange Business Services.
“Business VPN Internet Accelerate complements our Business VPN offering and allows enterprises to embrace global hybrid networks and the Internet, while maximizing reliability, performance and security,” added Biaggi.
Look for more chanel providers to begin offering VPN tunnels  into popular software defined wide area networks. By providing organizations with a direct connection into the Akamai Intelligent Platform, organizations have access to over 200,000 servers worldwide that are built to optimize the transfer of data.
By using an IPSec tunnel to access cloud applications, end users in your organization will no longer have to wait for pages to load on popular cloud apps. With up to 10x optimization, data being sent to and from the cloud can be delivered to your end users rapidly and securely. Akamai is the leader in CDN services.
With content distribution networks such as Akamai, their entire business model exists around increasing web performance. The idea behind a content delivery network is to reduce the distance data must travel. Akamai and Orange Business are taking this idea to a new level, by offering businesses the ability to patch into the Akamai’s content delivery network which can provide up to 10x improvement on cloud app load times.