Buy a Seagate Backup Plus Hard Drive, Get 200GB Free w/ OneDrive

Image Attribution: Flickr

Details have emerged from a deal between Seagate and Microsoft that gives Seagate customers up to 200GBs of free space on OneDrive when they buy a Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive.
Seagate is a leader in data storage technology and the Backup Plus lineup of hard drives gives consumers access to a plethora of advanced features. The Backup Plus hard drives come standardly equipped with a 4TB capacity.
One of the neat features about the hard drive is that it comes with Seagate Dashboard software, as well as a “Lyve” app that allows consumers to access to the contents of their hard drive from their mobile devices. The Seagate Dashboard lets consumers automatically backup their pictures and media from their social media accounts, providing additional flexibility and functionality.
With 200GBs of free space on OneDrive, consumers of the Backup Plus hard drive can rest at ease knowing that their most important data not only has a backup on disk, it has a backup in the cloud as well.
But wait, doesn’t Seagate already own a cloud backup service of its own?
Well, yes, in a way, it does. Back in 2012,  Seagate shelled out $186 million dollars to buy LaCie. LaCie owns and operates a cloud storage service called Wuala. If you visit the Wuala website, you’ll be hard pressed to find a Seagate logo anywhere on the site but according to Wikipedia, Wuala is owned by LaCie, which is owned by Seagate. So why not use Wuala as the cloud backup extension of the Backup Plus hard drives by Seagate?
Our guess is that it comes down to branding and the general public’s awareness of OneDrive being a notable, trusted cloud storage provider. Besides, Wuala seems to be focused on the Euro region and it seems to offer only paid plans at this time.