CA Touts Its New Software Lineup for Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

CA is one of those companies that has been around for decades. Originally making it big by producing software the backups your PC, CA has branched out into different niches of computing such as Antivirus, Email and more.
CA says that its new solutions focus on making DevOps lives much easier. For example, in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, DevOps can find CA’s Service Virtualization. This plugin helps administrators simplify and speed up deployments of apps and services.
Developers can also accelerate their deployment schedule with the CA Live API Creator. This software goes hand in hand with CA Mobile App Services. Combined, these services give developers the flexibility of SDKs and the ability to build their own APIs.
CA also provides organizations with identity centric security mechanisms meaning your business can identify users and delegate access from anywhere in the world using the cloud. This gives your business the ability to allow its workforce to get work done remotely while securely being able to access files over the WAN.
“Not all businesses are on equal footing – some are forging ahead, some are getting left behind. With mounting pressures to respond to competitive, global market pressures, companies that can pivot through technology disruption will remain standing,” mentions Ayman Sayed, executive vice president and chief product officer, CA Technologies.
“We are extremely bullish on leveraging agile practices to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation journey. With the new software and solutions we’re unveiling today, we’re enabling our customers to survive and thrive in the application economy,” Sayed adds.
CA has published a press release that details its upcoming CA World ’15 conference. At this conference, CA will be able to show off all of the features and functionalities of its software lineup while giving attendees the chance to take part in demos, Q&As and more. Learn more about the CA World ’15 conference on CA’s website.