Can Alberta Possibly Become the Next Silicon Valley?

The 4th industrial revolution has got the term “Internet of Things” (IoT) on many mouths in the tech space. Technology is advancing rapidly and is apparently affecting the way things are done in the world today. Cloud computing and its existence, as well as great yet cheap computing is leading the world to a state where every machine will have an internet connection, opening the world to advancements that have never been in existence.

With great technological advancements including 5G wireless, blockchain and artificial intelligence, Alberta IoT Association is rapidly developing and showing the world that there are no ends to possibilities.

Alberta’s position can be seen as strategic with the hands they have (that possess great experience from the once upon a time glorious telecom industry), universities and colleges focused on tech and a great sector with oil and gas as its backbone. The support they are receiving from the various levels of government, to ensure the economy is technology-inclined, is also a great advantage.

Alberta has also shown strong will and determination to settle and develop the West and can be compared to Silicon Valley in this respect. These qualities of Alberta along with other great feats accomplished in the location is enough reason to say that the province would not only experience the benefits that come with the increasing rise in IoT technology, but also become the leader in IoT for the entire globe.

Several Alberta companies have shown their interest and joined forces to form Alberta IoT. By joining forces, it is easier to now position Alberta strategically as the world’s center for excellence when it comes to Internet of Things (IoT). They plan to network, educate the masses and work with the government at every level in a bid to increase the visibility and awareness concerning all the member companies all over the world.

The Alberta IoT association will celebrate its official launch on the 26th Of February 2019. The event will be holding at the Sheraton Cavalier in Calgary, Canada. The association has taken out time to invite several dignitaries, especially from all levels of the government. Numerous organizations and members of the public have also been invited to this occasion, so they can be lectured on Internet of Things (IoT) and also get a chance to network with member companies.

Nav Dhunay, a leading personality in the oil and gas technology innovation will also be in attendance and is due to give the keynote presentation for this event.

It is also important to note that Alberta IoT Association is a non-profit association and has several registered organizations which are only focused on how Internet of Things (IoT) can record massive success in the province. In spite of the fact that the association was only started up last summer, they now have over 25-member organizations, as well as two sponsors.

With all the progress and preparations in place, Alberta can become the next Silicon Valley.