Can Anyone Challenge Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud allows its users to use the Adobe Creative Suite using SaaS as a delivery model. No one has really challenged Adobe in their specific niche until now. Ceros has entered into the creative SaaS market and the startup company is beginning to grab market share in an industry once thought to be impenetrable. Ceros’ SaaS approach to what it calls “Beautiful interactive content experiences” is what sets itself apart from the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Ceros just snagged $6.4 million in funding from Sigma Prime, Starvest Partners and Greycroft Partners. Ceros has 60 high profile customers such as Virgin Atlantic, Elizabeth Arden and Peugeot. Think about the colorful content you see online. Infographics, micro websites and other methods of quickly delivering information are all results of suites such as Ceros.

Simon Berg is the founder of Ceros. In an interview provided to Fortune, he mentions, “We were born in the cloud.” When asked about Adobe Creative Cloud, Berg commented by saying that the, “Business model is not aligned with the way that the market is moving.”

While Berg’s predictions may someday come true, Adobe’s Creative Cloud services have been thriving. In fact, sources report that Adobe’s Marketing Cloud services rose 38%. The uptick in revenues is partly responsible for a new wave of marketing. Experts in the online marketing field realize that the best marketing is informative and eye catching content. Marketers no longer have to pay for content to be forced upon users. They know that the public is smart enough to find content that they want to see and share it out to those who might also like the content.

The evolution of social media has impacted the way that marketers create content and deliver it as well. In the past, the barrier to entry was so high because Adobe’s Photoshop and other Adobe software titles cost so much. Ceros and other companies can now take on the Adobe juggernaut because the SaaS delivery model has totally leveled the playing field.