Can Pollution Really Be Eliminated With Hyundai Mobis Polution-Less Power Generation System That Makes Use Of Hydrogen Vehicles?

Hyundai Mobis has taken an unusual step by seeking to use hydrogen fuel modules to advantage by applying hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. This was in a bid to introduce the hydrogen power generation system which in turn powers buildings.

The company is the first in the world to set aside a specific factory for the production of the core parts of the hydrogen fuel cell. The company has succeeded in applying its own technology for use in power generation systems. This act has drawn quite an attention to how innovative the company is and continues to become.

Recently, Hyundai Mobis took the step of making an announcement of how it has put the emergency hydrogen power generation system into work in Chungju, Korea and has also started its operation on a pilot level.  This announcement was made on the 13th of February 2019.

Whenever the plant experiences failures, this emergency generator will be used as a backup plan. The hydrogen generated will function as a portion of the electric power utilized in the operation of the hydrogen vehicle parts plant.

Hyundai Mobis used the fuel cell modules of hydrogen and has also distinctly created the thermal management system, the parallel controller, and the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). These components are necessary for the generation of power.

The system has been reported by the company to have many benefits including safety, quality control, high energy efficiency, low noise and no pollution at all. It is the last part of the statement that got many asking the question of if the hydrogen power generation system can really operate on the level of “no pollution”.

Climate change all around the world in recent years, has been largely connected to pollution. If this system can really operate without pollution, then this is a really great invention by Hyundai Mobis, as it is amazing to have a system that does not pollute the environment in spite of having all those benefits.

The cost of installation of this new technology is on the high side. However, if the utilization of hydrogen is capitalized upon, price competitiveness expected.

Beginning its pilot operation in Korea and specifically in Chungju, the company has plans on installing several other hydrogen power generation systems in other places that house their production bases all over the world.