Carbonite & IDC: 72% of SMBs will Increase Spending in Business Continuity

Carbonite and IDC have teamed up to conduct a survey that garnered over 700 responses from SMBs worldwide. The study was titled  “The Growth Opportunity for SMB Cloud and Hybrid Business Continuity.”
Inside the report, 72% of SMBs indicated that they would provide additional investments in business continuity by 2017. One of the more alarming stats showed that 35% of SMBs did not have a business continuity solution at all. Of those that do have a business continuity solution, 81% mentioned that they felt like they should improve their current strategy in some way, shape or form.
The report mentions that there are 78 million SMBs worldwide. IDC notes that the total IT spending for SMBs could exceed $580M in 2015. These numbers could present a huge opportunity for Managed Service Providers, Value Added Resellers and Service Integrators.
The report goes on to further evidence this by laying out the traditional back up methods used by SMBs. The report lays out the flaws in using tapes and magnetic media as a backup method and proposes cloud based backup and hybrid business continuity as a better solution. A full PDF of the whitepaper can be downloaded here.
Laura DuBois, Program Vice President Storage, eDiscovery and IG at IDC says, “With more than 6.2 million small and mid-size businesses in the U.S., and 78 million small and mid-size businesses worldwide, the SMB Business Continuity market presents a wealth of opportunity for providers that can address the SMB’s need for cloud-enabled, feature-rich, holistic solutions that are cost-effective and easy to own and maintain.”
Other facts gained from the report were:

  • 1 Hour of Downtime costs SMBs anywhere from $8,220 to $25,600
  • Unplanned outages lasting over 24 hours often devastate a business
  • 80% of SMBs have experienced downtime in the past
  • Events involving system downtime conservatively costs $82,200 to $256,000 per occurrence