Carbonite Releases Hybrid Backup Product for Office 365

Carbonite has released enhancements to its Carbonite Server Backup product that allows the software to now work with Office 365 as a hybrid cloud backup solution. Carbonite, who is known for their backup and business continuity products for the cloud, made the announcement regarding the enhancements of their Carbonite Server Backup software through a press release.
Research shows that Office 365 use is on the rise. In fact, IDC says that Office 365 will be in use by nearly 30% of all small businesses in the United States by the end of the year. Since systems such as Office 365 are becoming such a critical part of SMBs, having a custom tailored product that helps you back up your cloud hosted email data seems somewhat critical. Microsoft may have impeccable uptime with Azure, Office 365 and its other cloud offerings, but what if something happens to your data outside of the IaaS layer and you need to revert to a previous snapshot? Regardless if its user error or a malware attack, the Carbonite Server Backup can help SMBs by providing an easy method to backup their mail from Office 365.
Key functionalities of the Carbonite Server Backup update include the ability to restore individual mailboxes. In the past, organizations have had to restore entire Exchange databases. With Carbonite, you can drill down and recover data from individual Exchange accounts. Carbonite also allows you to completely customize your backup process. The Server Backup product gives administrators the ability to craft network utilization templates, define a storage capacity, setup retention periods and more! Carbonite ensures your data is safe due to the fact that the product worked using 128 bit AES encryption when moving files. Carbonite mentions that Server Backup is currently available for download as a trial version.
Senior VP of Carbonite Brad Meiseles says, “As growing numbers of SMBs adopt cloud-based applications for business productivity, they require powerful yet simple solutions that protect against user error, corrupted data, and unforeseen downtime. The support for Office 365 within Carbonite Server Backup further underscores our commitment to keeping businesses in business.”