CareOS’s Poseidon Smart Mirror Earns Second CES Innovation Award

 “Last year, we liberated the information locked in single-product personal care apps and other disjointed wellness tools, and showed what an integrated digital system for the bathroom could do to improve happiness and long term health.” said Thomas Serval, CareOS CEO. “This year, we are making that experience a practical reality for any environment from the smallest powder room to a grand suite at a retail store. This award confirms the importance of making great technology, and making it work for everyone.”

“Our brands have a deep heritage in supporting the salon industry, and our partnership with CareOS reimagines that support in the digital age,” said Chris Chesebro, senior vice president, Digital Transformation & Ecommerce at Coty Professional Beauty. “The CareOS platform allows us to aggregate services and information from many sources to help empower hairdressers and salon owners to more efficiently manage their business – and offer new & innovative services to their clients. CareOS’s open platform is a great model for brands looking to extend a digital strategy to the physical world. I’m very happy to be here representing our partnership.”

“The team at CareOS is making great use of MediaPipe, Google’s open source framework for building cross platform multimodal machine learning applications. MediaPipe running on edge devices, like CareOS, provides an ultra fast and more secure solution compared to AI platforms that send user data to a remote server for processing,” said Ming Yong, Google’s Product Manager for MediaPipe. “The result is an amazing digital health experience while providing a high level of user data privacy.”

“People who build and use smart home technology largely prefer technology that disappears into the aesthetic design. This flexibility in smart mirror configuration requires responsive software and an adaptable user interface,” said Serval. “We provide an experience that is rich and fulfilling while in use, and when it is not, the mirror is precisely what the user would choose in a standard mirror.”