Cashier-Free Amazon Go May be Coming to a Theater Near You

Airport stores and movie theatres may be the newest recipients of a deal with Amazon to use their cashless Go technology. The online retail giant’s unique technology allows users to pay for items by simply picking them out. Available in sixteen locations currently, Amazon’s technology uses cameras positioned around the store along with sensors to pick up the goods that users are interacting with. When the user leaves the store with the items, the system automatically charges the user’s amazon account for the purchase.

New Licensing Deals

Sources claim that Amazon has entered into discussions with Cineworld’s Regal theatres and CIBO Express owned by OTG to install the technology in their airport stores. Retail locations that are located inside baseball stadiums are also being considered as potential locations to use the technology. Amazon claims it can retrofit the tech within a space of two weeks after the deals are finalized, meaning that there won’t be a lot of interference with the company’s regular business.

Other details about the deal are still unclear. The payment agreement for using the technology still hasn’t come to light, and it is unknown whether Amazon would require the use of their logo within the store that uses the system. Similarly, no one is sure as to whether the buyers would be using the retailer’s app for payment or whether it will be tied to Amazon’s proprietary payment option.

Lots More to Come

As recent as September 2018, the online retailer stated that they intended to open as many as three thousand outlets that used the Amazon Go technology as early as 2021. While it was shocking at the time, the slow rate of Amazon building these stores seems to prove that the amount was heavily exaggerated. The combination of Amazon’s tech with these new retail partners might see retail outlets using the application, even though Amazon wouldn’t own those stores.