CCleaner is Now Available in the Cloud

One of the most popular Windows desktop tune-up utilities is CCleaner. Over the years, CCleaner has been used to clean out temporary internet files, unwanted registry settings and clean up program installations on your PC.
CCleaner has announced that its new CCleaner Cloud project is available for the public domain, giving anyone the ability to use CCleaner remotely from anywhere in the world. The CCleaner Cloud was originally named project Agomo and only certain people were invited to try out the beta version. Also included with Agomo is Piriform’s Disk Defraggler, which allows you to further optimize your computer.
So why exactly would anyone want to tune-up their PC in the cloud. Perhaps you’re on your lunch break at work and really need your PC to work at its best when you get home. Sometimes, “Disk Defraggling” and CCleaner can take some time to run. You could kick off the tune-up from your office computer or your mobile device, and come home to a PC that is fresh and ready to accomplish any task you give it.
Another cool feature is that you can help your friends and family members using the cloud. If you’re known as the tech guru in the family, it’s possible that you’re the person your family calls whenever the computer is running slow. So what better way to fix that problem than to remotely kick off a tune-up session using CCleaner and Disk Defraggler in the cloud?
Instead of running over your friend or family members house to look at their computer, you can remotely execute the clean up tasks on their computer which can help improve PC performance immediately. CCleaner will also give you the ability to monitor critical PC metrics such as load and memory usage over a period of time.