Cedexis Introduces The "Buffer Killer" for Streaming Videos

Cedexis has a unique approach on killing the one thing that could be considered one of the worst things about watching videos online: “Buffering.” When you watch a video and its begins buffering, some industry analysts say up to 80% of the viewers watching that video will immediately close the window and begin searching for other content to watch. That’s never a good thing for content publishers.
When media organizations begin using Cedexis, they gain accessed to a crowd based video platform that leverages cloud infrastructure to ensure that videos do not display the dreaded “Buffering” dialog. Cedexis has been used by large, notable websites such as PBS.org and the company is starting to get noticed by larger media operations.
Mike Norton, the Senior Director of Technical Operations at PBS recently said, “Having 100% uptime and great performing video is critical. We implemented Cedexis specifically to improve our Video Quality of Service and it’s been a great decision.”
Cedexis uses what it calls OTT Video, which uses multiple content distribution networks to deliver video that it claims is on par with broadcast television. By always ensuring that there is a node available ready to serve content to your end users, Cedexis says that your end users will receive an improved end user experience.
“We’ve seen a 65% decrease in buffering incidents since deploying Cedexis Openmix. These QoS improvements deliver better quality to the end user, resulting in incredibly low viewer-abandonment rates,” says Manik Bambha, the Chief Digital Officer and CTO at ViewLift.
Cedexis says that its customers on average receive a 45% improvement in buffering. Cedexis goes on to say that videos will load 18% faster and video failure decreased a remarkable 44% on average.