CenturyLink's Cloud Services Go Live in APAC Region

Image Attribution: Flickr

CenturyLink Cloud has announced general availability of cloud services within its new Asian-Pacific datacenter located in Singapore. The availability of the strategically placed datacenter gives CenturyLink the green light to begin selling cloud services to clients located in Singapore, Australia, China and other neighboring countries.
CenturyLink’s presence in the APAC region will allow the provider to begin selling enterprise grade public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. The opening of the new datacenter in Singapore has helped CenturyLink expand its rapidly growing global presence. CenturyLink currently has datacenters in the United States, the UK, Canada and Germany. CenturyLink mentions that its new datacenter in Singapore offers enterprise-class control, agility, scalability and security delivered by an industry-leading global network.
CenturyLink is positioning itself to be able to provide a full pallet of managed cloud services to Asian businesses who haven’t jumped aboard the cloud train. Research from analysts believe that companies in Asia have lagged behind Europe and America in utilizing cloud within business. According to research, that’s all starting to change. Research firm Frost & Sullivan found the APAC region spent 38% more on public cloud products and services in 2014 than they did in 2013. Frost & Sullivan also predict that the regions total overall public cloud revenues will top $20B by 2018.
Gary Messer, CenturyLink’s Managing Director for the Asian-Pacific region was quoted in CenturyLink’s press release on the announcement. Messer says, “The launch of a CenturyLink Cloud node in Singapore further enhances our position as a leading managed hybrid IT provider for businesses with operations in the Asia-Pacific region.”
Messer continues saying, “We continue to invest in the high-growth Asia-Pacific region to meet increasing customer demand. With a deep product portfolio across infrastructure, applications, services and geographies, CenturyLink optimizes complete solutions for customers, while offering a single point of accountability.”