Certes Networks Delivers End to End Security for Enterprise Apps on Mobile Devices

Image Attribution: Flickr

Certes builds innovative products for electronic mobility management platforms. With Certes, businesses can use cryptography to segment their enterprise app data that traverses over public networks. This provides a dual benefit for the business that has implemented Certes. On one hand, you can allow end users to “Bring their own device.” On another hand, businesses can ensure that their business data remains safe and secure.
While many organizations take a perimetered approach to BYOD, Certes allows organizations to break the chains that binds them by addressing security on each end of the transaction. In conjunction with apps such as AirWatch, Certes can give organizations the ability to segment their application traffic which ensures the security of your company’s data. Simply put, if your company currently manages devices using AirWatch, you can begin to implement app security for your organization using Certes Networks.
Using Certes CryptoFlow, organizations can setup a secured channel for this app data. With this method, businesses can focus on providing a better end user experience without having to ensuring data security. Since Certes CryptoFlow gives you security that is baked into the platform, administrators never have to worry about app data leaking into the wrong hands over a public network.
“Ubiquitous business mobility and the breakdown of the enterprise perimeter demand security solutions that can adapt to evolving application sharing and user behavior,” says Ian Evans, SVP and EMEA managing director of AirWatch.
“AirWatch and Certes are working to deliver next-generation security solutions that support and enable modern work habits of employees on the go, promoting business efficiency while enabling sensitive information to be safe and secure,” added Evans.
Certes Networks specializes in delivering cloud apps to smart devices using its critically acclaimed Certes CryptoFlow product.