CES: Gadgets to Use Cloud as Baseline

The Consumer Electronics Show in 2014 has finally wrapped up. If you could take one thing from all of the presentations, you can clearly see that the cloud is here to stay. It seems like all of neatest electronics, kitchen appliances or wearable technology utilized the cloud in some way shape or form.

Some experts weren’t too thrilled about this year’s CES. Eric Knorr at InfoWorld wrote, “Forget consumer. If you get excited about inventive tech, enterprise is the place to be right now.” It seems that his sentiments stem from the innovations around consumer innovations being stagnant because many innovators are focusing on large scale ideas. Such ideas are typically bought by corporations, not everyday users.
The baseline for the future of technology is clear. The cloud will be the main driver in storage and computing technology. As more technology focuses towards agility and everyday use, it doesn’t make sense to use onboard computing resources in order to garner useful data. If CES 2014 taught us anything, it taught us that the cloud is here and it’s here to stay.
The cloud could be seen in just about every type of innovation on display at CES 2014. Unconventional cloud consumer goods appeared such as kitchen appliances. Vehicles that use the cloud made a big splash as well. Mobile devices were pushing the use of the cloud in ways we never thought possible.
CES is always a good indicator of how the rest of the year will unfold as it comes to electronics. As many industry analysts have agreed, 2014 will be the year of the cloud and how it will transform businesses. The cloud has already made consumer life easier in many more ways than the consumer can realize. Harnessing the usefulness of the cloud for the enterprise is clearly the next frontier.