Cheaper, Faster Global Commercial Payments, Courtesy of TransferMate and Tradeshift

Tradeshift announced a new app integration from TransferMate Global Payments. This recent integration allows for commercial buyers and sellers across the globe to enjoy a digital connection through all phases of a transaction. This new solution also allows for the automation of same-day cross border payment services even from commercial transactions happening anywhere in the world. This automation happens more securely, accurately and with lower fees for the transaction than the traditional means, via traditional banks.

The easy integration of this new app by TransferMate takes away the issue of complexity while increasing speed, reconciliation and transparency. It also saves time by giving Tradeshift customers the ability to finish off all last-mile payments across the border.

Since TransferMate has a tested and trusted global customer software platform (which is success integrated), as well as one of the greatest portfolios of regulated payment licenses in the world, they make a great partner for an application.

Tradeshift has viewed these several advantages which TransferMate brings to the table as an added value that their customers need and would totally benefit from. Importers and exporters would enjoy the use of TransferMate to send and receive funds all around the world. This adds to the working capital and also removes unnecessary expenses for companies. The partnership with Tradeshift is also highly anticipated by TransferMate as they recognize the company’s mission to assist buyers in digitizing trade transactions.

The unique value proposition of TransferMate has also drawn strategic investors and consequential investments. Some of these investors are the leading digital banks including ING Group N.V and Allied Irish Bank, who have invested up to €51 million in 2018. The Allied Irish Bank also partnered with TransferMate to strength the bank’s capacity to supply their B2B customers a seamless solution for making cross border payments.

While Tradeshift is aimed at driving a supply chain innovation for the digitally connected economy, TransferMate is the market-leading choice for international businesses and banks who are searching for a cost-effective yet simple solution while receiving or sending payments in foreign currency.