Chess Community Embraces Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

ChessBase is an innovator in chess engine and training software. ChessBase most notably produces the Fritz chess engine which has captured several computer chess championships in recent years.
ChessBase has released an app called MyGames that allows users to store their chess games in the Cloud for review. At first glance, it isn’t anything out of the ordinary for chess players to post their game histories online in the popular PGN (Portable Game Notation) format. With ChessBase MyGames, members can leverage the Cloud Database function to create collections of cloud hosted chess games that can be pulled up from any computer to review.
In the past, for two parties to share ChessBase games and notes, both users would have needed the ChessBase 13 software installed on their computers. With ChessBase MyGames, chess players gain access to key functionalities of the ChessBase 13 software without needing the software installed locally.  Using a SaaS interface, players and instructors can comment on games and get instant game analysis from the Fritz 14 chess engine.
The Cloud Database functionality provided by ChessBase MyGames gives end users the same granular control over access privileges that you would find offered by a cloud storage provider. This allows chess players, instructors and event organizers to retain an online database of chess games. The owners of the content will be able to choose which games and notes that they would like to share with public, if any at all.
Albert Silver from ChessBase writes, “The MyGames browser app allows you full game entry and editing functionality, from text comments, to moves, and even engine analysis. You can do all this without Fritz or ChessBase 13 on your machine.” Silver adds, “Obviously there is a limitation: to export the games, or change permissions such as sharing it with someone else, you need ChessBase 13.”