Christmas Comes Early: SalesForce Buys SteelBrick for $360M

Image Attribution: Flickr

SteelBrick has rapidly gained recognition inside of the SalesForce ecosystem by providing small businesses the ability to “Configure, Price & Quote” their customers.
SteelBrick gives small businesses a rapid method of collecting payments from their customers. SteelBrick automates much of this process, giving it’s users a leg up on the competition. So why is SteelBrick worth $360M when so many other cloud based vendors exist that do essentially the same thing?
SteelBrick is much more than a simple invoicing app. Pricing and quotes can become a science with specific industries. Within some small businesses, pricing isn’t as a simple as coming up with a number and applying your margin. For this reason alone, invoicing apps are glossed over.
What if your invoicing app was smart enough to get your organization the max value for your services? Couldn’t you justify paying more for a billing and invoicing app that can help your business out? What if this app could prove to be superior than the competition? Perhaps SteelBrick on SalesForce is the right solution for your business.
Earlier in 2015, SteelBrick received a $45M round of funding. According to a filing on the website, SalesForce has indicated that it will purchase 100% of SteelBrick for a deal being paid solely in SalesForce stock. The value of the stock will be around $360M.
“We have witnessed how Salesforce has pioneered the shift to enterprise cloud computing and set the standard for customer success in the industry,” writes SteelBrick CEO Godard Abel.
“Being a part of Salesforce will give us an amazing opportunity to accelerate our delivery of fully integrated Quote-to-Cash applications right within Salesforce, helping thousands more customers grow revenue faster than ever before,” Abel went on to say.
For businesses that want to automate the billing, payment and invoicing process, SteelBrick will be continued to be offered under the SalesForce umbrella of products. See how SteelBrick can help your small business today.