CIOs Show Contempt for Premium Cloud Support Services

Image Attribution: Flickr

Vanson Bourne, a research firm that focuses on technology, recently surveyed over 200 CIOs in the United Kingdom for their opinions on premium support for their cloud services.
When organizations adopt a managed cloud service, end user support typically falls on the managed service provider. However, the findings of Vanson Bourne’s survey shows that many managed service providers face an uphill battle in terms of winning over the hearts and minds of their clients. Here are a few nuggets from survey:

  • 33% of CIOs believe they sacrifice service and support by moving to the cloud
  • 84% of CIOs believe that cloud service providers could do more to lessen the burden on in-house IT staff
  • 47% of CIOs say that they commonly get slow or delayed support from cloud service providers
  • 41% of CIOs said that technical support analysts for cloud services lack technical knowledge
  • 33% of CIOs claim that they were unable to talk to a human when they called for support
  • 28% of CIOs complained about a complicated escalation process
  • 19% of CIOs are frustrated that their managed service provider does not provide 24/7 support.

“Many companies adopt cloud so they can take away the headaches related to managing their IT and reduce the burden on in-house IT staff. Therefore, the need for ongoing support and services will naturally be reduced, as it is outsourced,” explained ElasticHosts CEO Richard Davies in an interview with ChannelPro.
Davies went on to say that when you adopt a new cloud service, it’s nice to be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone about that service without having to pay a large fee for doing so.
“If you are then transferred to call handlers that don’t have the required technical knowledge to help resolve your query, and haven’t heard of your company before, your blood will begin to boil,” Davies added.
Perhaps managed cloud services will take this survey as a wake up call. Emerging managed cloud startups should take notice as the findings on this survey will be what CIOs use to measure the effectiveness of your customer service.