Cirius Secures Office 365 Deployments for Healthcare

Image Attribution: Flickr

Cirius is a value added solution that helps healthcare organizations stay compliant while using cloud services.
With Cirius’s latest announcement, healthcare companies can begin to securely deploy cloud services such as Office 365 rapidly and securely.
Cirius has created an all in one bundle for Office 365, giving organizations that ability to securely share files, encrypt email and collaborate in real time.
Cirius says that its new cloud security features for Office 365 are perfect for dentists, doctors offices and pharmaceutical companies.
Cirius gives these practices the ability to ditch any on-site data center appliances and move much of their workloads into the cloud. This allows collaboration to occur more rapidly, thus streamlining the internal processes of the medical practice.
“Healthcare organizations have been precluded from the financial and administrative benefits of cloud-based email due to concerns about data security and regulatory compliance,” says Josef Lara, SVP Business Development, Cirius.
“This bundle allows us to not only enhance Microsoft Office 365 with easy-to-use messaging, file sharing security and advanced controls, but also fulfill the data privacy requirements of healthcare providers, enabling them to take advantage of the benefits of cloud-based email,” adds Lara.
Best of all, since Office 365 can be easily used on tablets, smart devices and other types of mobile computing products, medical staff can more efficiently work with patients. The streamlined workflows presented by both Office 365 and Cirius give healthcare organizations the upper hand when transitioning to cloud.
Developers can use Office 365 and Cirius as a way to create home brewed apps, considering the fact that organizations gain access to a powerful API interface. When new devices or employees are brought onto the network, Cirius has simplified the onboarding by providing web portals for device registration.
Cirius has a low, easy to understand, subscription model that simplifies a healthcare organization’s journey into the cloud.