Cisco Changes Certification Curriculum to Include IoT, Cloud and SDN

Image Attribution: Flickr

Cisco has announced that they have performed an update to their networking curriculum. All candidates for a Cisco certification must now learn about cloud, IoT and SDN.
While some candidates are excited about the new changes, other students aren’t as thrilled. The reason some students aren’t happy is because the new Cisco curriculum begins to blur the line between network technician and business analyst.
“While IT professionals still require depth in their area of expertise, today they also need a breadth of understanding of interrelated technologies and how they impact business outcomes. Accordingly, topics such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Business Transformation, and Network Programmability will influence all Cisco Career Certifications, including the trusted expert level,” says a Cisco blog post.
“The new framework will be introduced starting with the upcoming refresh of Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Data Center and Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA) being announced today,” the blog post went on to say.
Did you notice that Cisco mentioned “Network Programmability?” In the Cisco world, this is what they refer to as Software Defined Networking. Cisco says that its coursework will help administrators become the most knowledgeable network technicians in the industry.
The new standards will be implemented on Cisco tests starting on July 25th 2016. These recalibrating testing standards will ensure that the next generation of network administrators are up to snuff on the latest in cloud, software defined networking and the Internet of Things.
The cloud business transformation is happening rapidly and administrators shouldn’t hesitate to brush up their skillsets. By obtaining the new Cisco certifications that include IoT, Cloud and SDN, you’ll set yourself up to become one of the most coveted prospects in the economy of employment. Those who already have Cisco certifications could choose to take refresher courses, which are outlined on the Cisco website.