Cisco Unveils Videoscape TV Cloud Utilizing OpenStack

For several years, Cisco has been trying to break out of the server closet and into consumer’s living rooms. The Videoscape TV Cloud could be the sales vertical that helps Cisco achieve this vision. The Consumer Electronics Show 2014, is currently underway in Las Vegas and this event allows all consumers to interact and preview vendor’s newest products. As you would expect, the cloud is one of the epicenters of innovation. Cisco has proven that by releasing Videoscape TV on the OpenStack Cloud Platform.

This technology will be available just in time for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. NBC plans on using this technology as they look to reach more markets instantaneously with their Olympic coverage. The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are set to begin in February. Craig Lau is the VP of IT at NBC Olympics. He was quoted as saying, “We are excited about the benefits and options cloud-powered video services bring us, including added agility, portability, flexibility and scalability of our networks, to meet the demands with much less engineering and prep time.”
When asked about NBC’s relationship with Cisco, Lau said, “Cisco is a trusted partner who we have marked many milestones with, collaborating on IP video contribution and multiscreen delivery, and now cloud-based infrastructure.”
The video delivery methodology is nothing new for Cisco. The telecom giant acquired Videoscape TV in 2010 from Extend Media. The original Videoscape TV ran was developed on Linux. Cisco pioneered that technology, and subsequently integrated it into OpenStack making this service available as an agile cloud application. For organizations like NBC Olympics who have to capture and broadcast multiple events in real time over different platforms, the Cisco Videoscape TV Cloud makes the most sense for the delivery of this type of content. Keep an eye out for more neat unveilings by Cisco at Consumer Electronics Show 2014.