Cisco’s HCS Adopted by Dimension Data

South African Dimension Data are fighting tooth and nail to be the best provider of ICT solutions and services within the industry. This has been a longstanding plan that has been part of their mission since their founding back in 1983. They have just recently released their latest plans that focus primarily on furthering the development to their cloud services. They have announced their intention to expand their Unified Communications (UC) services to now also contain Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS).

Dimension Data’s UC services currently offer a number of features including, integrated conferencing, social collaboration and telecommunications management. This collaboration will only increase the value of Dimension Data’s service, as the onboarding on Cisco’s HCS will expand their feature repertoire to include all aspects of Cisco’s unified communications and collaboration applications and services.

Scott Cruikshank, director of converged communications for Dimension Data said “By expanding our existing cloud services with Cisco, we now have the ability to provide UC via the cloud, so that our clients can reap the benefits of the solution without needing to invest in complex and costly implementation and maintenance…This frees up clients’ IT resources so that they can focus them on other parts of the business that need attention.”

The news of the adoption was released in a press release by Dimension Data and it seems they had a lot to say on the topic.

Adam Foster, Group Executive at Dimension Data said, “As a trusted advisor to our clients, we know that implementing and maintaining UC can be a complex and costly undertaking. Expanding our existing cloud services powered by Cisco with HCS enables us to offer UC via a utility-based cloud delivery model, allowing clients to focus their IT resources more efficiently and strategically.”

Steve Nola, Group Executive of the IT-as-a-Service group at Dimension Data’s said “Our clients are looking to leverage the cloud for more than just simple, temporary workloads…Dimension Data is committed to providing enterprise-class cloud services with our integration expertise to help clients accelerate their migration of production applications, such as Unified Communications, to the cloud.”

Cisco are also excited about the onboarding and made reference to their working history with Dimension Data. Eric Schoch, General Manager of the Hosted Collaboration Business Unit at Cisco said “Cisco has had a longstanding relationship of over 20 years with Dimension Data, and they represent one of our largest global partners…With Dimension Data adding Cisco’s HCS solution as part of their UC cloud offerings, our global client base will ultimately benefit from the utility cloud UC delivery model, while also offloading the complexities of ongoing UC management.”

California based Cisco, was founded in 1984 and are a multinational corporation that specialize in networking equipment from conception, through design and development, to sales.