Cisco's IoT System Will Power Smart Cities, Industrial Operations and More

Image Attribution: Flickr

Cisco has announced that their new name for the hardware and software powering their sophisticated Internet of Things, or should we say, “Internet of Everything,” is called IoT System.
The new Cisco IoT System combines the release of 15 new products that will help organizations collect, manage and perform meaningful tasks with the Big data that they procure from their IoT sensors.
Some of these products include security analytics software, Fog data services, IP surveillance cameras and software to manage all of these cloud connected things.
Cisco says that it’s new IoT System rests upon the following 6 pillars:
Network Connectivity – From routing to switching to wireless, Cisco will provide the infrastructure to support an IoT deployment from the ground up.
Fog Computing – Refers to the distributed computing capabilities of the Internet of Things that powers meaningful data analytics.
Security – Without security, an infrastructure can become compromised. From built in security at the device level to the physical security provided by IP surveillance cameras; Cisco’s IoT System provides enterprises with the tools they need in order to secure their IoT operations.
Data Analytics – IoT generates an immense amount of data. How do you store it and later interpret it? The introduction of the Cisco Connected Analytics Platform could help.
Management & Automation – Isn’t automation the cornerstone of cloud. Being able to automate an IoT operation presents several key management advantages that allow agile teams to deliver these cloud services.
Application Enablement Platform – Cisco is offering APIs, specifically built for smart cities, industrial and other large scale operations that will help third party vendors develop new innovations for the markets that would get the most use out of Cisco’s IoT System.
In a press release, Kip Compton, the VP/GM for IoT System at Cisco said, “The Cisco IoT System provides a comprehensive set of IoT technologies and products that simplify and accelerate the deployment of infrastructure for the Internet of Things. This unique systems approach delivers a framework that makes it possible to deploy, accelerate and innovate with IoT.”
You can get more info on the IoT System at the Cisco website.