Citrix Creates 5 Part Comic Book Series to Promote Workspace Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Citrix has just announced that they will release a 5 part comic book series called Len & Reese to promote their Workspace Cloud product lineup.
In the series, Len & Reese will save the galaxy by deploying Citrix Workspace Cloud. It’s a clever way to market the popular desktop and virtual app mobilization suite. In the comic, Len & Reese are problem solvers sent from the Citrixus galaxy.
Citrix believes that superheroes can help businesses with super problems. If you are familiar with the Citrix Workspace Cloud, you know that organizations can streamline desktop and application delivery using the cloud. With Citrix Workspace Cloud, your organization can build a realistic BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy since Citrix is designed to deliver enterprise apps on any platform. This includes smartphones, tablets and PCs.
The Citrix Workspace Cloud helps organizations save on time and costs. When you have to roll out a desktop or an enterprise application to a large portion of your user base, what better way to do that than to roll out that infrastructure than using the cloud? If you really wanted to save on costs and overhead, you could commission tablets or thin clients in order to deliver services to your organization rapidly and efficiently.
The Len & Reese comic asks the important questions such as, “Will it take light years to deliver this solution?”
The response: “Not at all, administrators can quickly and easily provide workspaces that give access to any app, on any device, anywhere in the galaxy,” mentioned the comic book slide on Citrix’s blog.
If you follow the Len & Reese comic book series on the Citrix blog. You’ll be well aware of all of the different methods Citrix can be implemented into your environment. You’ll understand why businesses small and large have embraced Citrix Workspace Cloud as their preferred cloud based work from anywhere solution.