Citrix Hints that Workspace Cloud could Roll Out this Quarter

Image Attribution: Flickr

During the Citrix Synergy 2015 conference, Citrix announced that they would be rolling out its Workspace Cloud offering in 2015. During the Citrix Mobility Conference in Australia, Citrix exec Joe Vaccaro hinted that the highly touted Workspace Cloud offering could be available as soon as this quarter.
The Citrix Workspace Cloud enables service providers, value added resellers and businesses of all sizes to deploy and integrate Desktop as a Service. Currently, Desktop as a Service is one of the hottest growing trends in cloud. In fact, AWS has a cloud based Workspaces solution called AWS Workspaces that is not affiliated with Citrix Workspace Cloud. Up until now, one of the biggest questions has always been, “How do you roll out a secure solution that is scalable?”
Citrix’s answer is the Workspace Cloud. This all inclusive suite has been designed to work in the public cloud. Citrix says that Workspace Cloud will operate on top of most hypervisors if you wish to run Workspace Cloud privately. If you’d like to deploy Workspace Cloud into the public cloud, Citrix mentions that AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform will be supported. Citrix also says other clouds are supported as well.
Citrix has said that they will start out by selling Workspace Cloud through its channel partners. Citrix notes that it has 1,900 active channel partners within it network. Citrix’s Workspace Cloud is perfect for remote users, work from home users or even mobile users who wish to bring their own device to work such as a tablet. Since Workspace Cloud is designed to work on any platform, users can theoretically access their desktop from any personal computer or mobile device that supports Citrix.
One of the neat features that Citrix has noted is called the Workspace Concierge service. Using Concierge, end users can initiate video chats, perform screen sharing and collaborate in real time securely through the Citrix platform. Citrix has not yet announced pricing for the new Workspace Cloud service.