Citrix Workspace Cloud Can Deliver Desktops in Seconds

Image Attribution: Flickr

Citrix has just released its Workspace Cloud, which provides organizations with the ability to rapidly deploy cloud hosted desktops to end users. The Citrix Workspace Cloud acts as a management infrastructure for your environment. Citrix Workspace Cloud can be installed both on-site and within public datacenters, giving your organization the flexibility of utilizing a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud for your next Desktop as a Service deployment.
Over the past few months, Citrix has been conducting test runs through preview releases to certain clients that have given Citrix enough data to move forward with the public release Workspace Cloud. One of the key selling points of the Workspace Cloud is its ability to setup hosted desktops for 50 end users within a few minutes. Citrix also provides deployment blueprints that help guide organizations as they deploy these services to users.
Since Citrix is designed to work on all devices, organizations can utilize their Workspace Cloud deployment as an addition to their company’s Bring Your Own Device plan. End users will be able to access their cloud hosted desktop from smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs.  Citrix’s approach to workspaces in the cloud allow organizations to take full control over their company data, regardless if it hosted in the public or private cloud.
There are 4 packages that Citrix is currently offering within its Workspace Cloud Suite. These packages are:
Virtual Desktops: If your org simply needs cloud desktops, you can deploy Windows or Linux based operating systems to users for only $20 per month per user.
Virtual Apps and Desktops: This plan combines the virtual desktop plan with the ability to deploy apps onto these virtual desktops giving you complete control of who gets what within your organization. This costs $35 per user, per month.
Integrated Apps and Data Suite: Citrix users get all of the functionality of the Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktop deployments combined with productivity apps and mobile device management. This costs $40 per user, per month.
Lifecycle Management: Citrix will manage and monitor your deployments. This service costs $2.50 extra per user, per month.
Citrix is allowing businesses to test drive Workspace Cloud for free. Get your trial subscription today.