Citus Cloud Load Test 2.0 Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Image Attribution: Flickr

FTS, a company that specializes in outsourced IT, has just announced a new release of its new Citus Cloud Load Test version 2.0. In the new version, organizations can perform more intensive testing of their cloud based apps while also testing authentication protocols and POST methods.
The improvements in the software will offer administrators the ability to get real metrics that help organizations plan, test and deploy applications that are suitable for mass audiences. With the new features, organizations can test out apps such as intranet websites that require some sort of login in order for a user to utilize the resources found within the site.
By adding POST testing into Citus, businesses will be able to get insights on how the forms on their websites are performing under heavy use. FTS says that this feature was implemented in order to provide systems administrators with a comprehensive view of the performance and effectiveness of the POST methods being used on their websites.
“The upgrades of Citus™ Cloud Load Test are to cover the key features requested by users and to catch up the mainstream of the international market movement,” says FTS Chief Technical Officer Le Hong Viet.
“This tool provides the necessary functionalities to comprehensively evaluate customer web-applications, whether they are public or secure,” add Hong Viet.
One of the most impressive features found within the Citus Cloud Load Test 2.0 is its ability to simulate up to 100,000 users vying for access to your website. Within Citus Cloud Load Test, organizations can set up these tests to happen on a schedule and view all of the results within a single webpage detailing the apps findings. Citus is simple, powerful and affordable.
Organizations can use the free version of Citus which limits concurrent connections up to 200 simulated users. For more concurrent users, businesses must pay a small licensing fee in order to obtain the app through the AWS Marketplace.