CliQr Continues Global Expansion – Moves HQ to San Jose

Image Attribution: Flickr

CliQr has made a name for itself by becoming one of the premier application defined cloud management platforms for small businesses and enterprises.
Due to the popularity of CliQr, the firm has now decided to expand their operations, moving their headquarters from Santa Clara, CA to San Jose, CA.
In addition to the new corporate headquarters, CliQr has also opened its newest office located in London, UK. The move is aimed at driving European businesses onto the CliQr cloud platform. CliQr currently has branch offices located in India and the Czech Republic.
The expansion marks a banner year for CliQr. Sources mention that CliQr will be hiring up to 60 new employees to outfit its new corporate office space, with a portion of those 60 being located in the new London, UK office.
“When CliQr closed its Series C funding round earlier this year, we committed to expanding global distribution and support to meet worldwide customer demand for an efficient hybrid cloud platform,” mentions Gaurav Manglik, CEO and co-founder of CliQr.
“We have not only outgrown our office space, but we are delivering on that promise by opening our London office and increasing service to our European customer,”  Manglik added.
Not only has CliQr expanded their corporate campus and their workforce, CliQr has also introduced game changing products such as its flagship offering, the CliQr CloudCenter platform.
In 2015, CliQr also announced support for Docker. In addition, CliQr announced integration within the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).
The CliQr CloudCenter platform gives your business the ability to provision resources to end users with application lifecycles in mind. Regardless of the complexity of your infrastructure, CliQr exists to unify your cloud apps and provide them a centralized platform that spans across private, hybrid and public cloud vendors.