Cloud Adaptation: Emerging Markets Will Benefit Most

One of the biggest barriers to the entry for many small international conglomerates is their ability to scale quickly and efficiently without having to take on additional significant investment. How can these types of companies compete with 1st world corporations? With the cloud, these small organizations will have access to the same type of enterprise quality tools that the large organizations do. This is a dramatic shift in the way business is being done in places like Africa, Asia and third world countries. While many of these countries may have sophisticated population centers, the investment and technology hasn’t been there. This has caused technology innovation to remain stagnant in these parts of the world. Many believe this is due to the fact that getting infrastructure into these places is too costly thus not making it a worthwhile investment.

The cloud will aim to level the playing field. Since the basic premise of the cloud is to become hardware vendor neutral, the need for significant investment in infrastructure isn’t there. The cloud is the infrastructure, and the ability to work anywhere in the world with world class computing technology at your fingertips makes the cloud a perfect method for emerging markets to jump into direct competition with large globally known brand names.
Another big part of this is the revolution of mobility. The office of the future won’t have workers hunkered down in front of personal computers. The office of the future will let employees work from anywhere at any time. This can provide several key competitive advantages for organizations wanting to hire talented individuals in remote locations. Individuals who may not had job opportunities with large companies are simply able to work from their personal offices. The cloud will change the global economy and it is an exciting process to sit back and watch. In the next 20 years, many 3rd world countries will rapidly develop and become competitive in the international marketplace. The great equalizer in this is the rapid adaptation of computing cloud.