Cloud-Clout Bulletproofs Your Personal Cloud Storage

Image Attribution: Flickr

Cloud-Clout has emerged as a startup that aims to provide a bulletproof method in which to store your personal files in the cloud. Cloud-Clout is different because the software requires users to sign up for multiple clouds that are then forged together to offer an encrypted, secure method of storing your files.
Here’s How Cloud-Clout Works:
In traditional storage, it isn’t uncommon to setup multiple storage drives in an array in order to ensure redundancy and availability. Cloud-clout works similarly in that fact that it utilizes cloud storage services as opposed to physical hard drives that are striped with a RAID configuration. By using an array of cloud services, users can ensure that their files are always available somewhere, regardless if one provider is experiencing downtime.
Another big advantage for users of Cloud-Clout is that the storage solution always selects the best available node. So if DropBox is working faster than Google Drive, Cloud-Clout automatically knows to download your data from the DropBox source versus using the Google Drive content source.
For users to begin using Cloud-Clout, they simply need to register 4 different cloud storage accounts. These accounts can be on popular providers such as Google Drive,, etc. Once the user has signed up, Cloud-Clout federates each of these accounts and the end user is able to see all of the cloud storage accounts as if they resided in one folder on their desktop.
“Think of Cloud-Clout as your central storage of personal data on the internet that you can save and retrieve your digital assets from anywhere in the world from any internet enabled device,” says Cloud-Clout founder Eugene Shulha.
“Users have the ability to access their data using any mobile device, laptop, desktop, and tablet. We put security first when we designed our solution and this is our biggest differentiator when compared to our competitors in the industry,” Shulha continued.
A free alpha version of Cloud-Clout is available for download at: