Cloud Computing Coins New Terms Such as “Limpware”

Computer geeks have been known to thrown around slang such as PEBCAK which stands for “Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard”. Cloud computing only continues to get more popular and it was only a matter of time before industry experts began coining new phrases to help describe annoyances that may arise in the system.

If you are new to the cloud computing arena, two terms that you may not have heard are “Limpware” and “Limplock.” Hopefully you never will hear these terms in your day to day IT career because limpware describes hardware that is not performing up to par within a cloud environment. Limplock is described as this: “Current systems fail to properly manage limping hardware, and thus performance failures often cascade.”

There have been three papers published within academia describing these two terms. The first paper to describe limplock was Limplock: Understand the Impact of Limpware on Scale-Out Cloud Systems. The second academic paper published on this topic is called The Case for Limping-Hardware Tolerant Clouds. The last paper is entitled Impact of Limpware on HDFS: A Probabilistic Estimation. Contributing to these papers were Thanh Do, Mingzhe Hao, Tanakorn Leesatapornwongsa, Tiratat Patana-anake, and Haryadi S. Gunawi.

Many analysts believe that the cloud computing market will triple within the next few years. As  the cloud begins to make up more and more of our everyday lives, it will be interesting to see these terms grow and morph into other cloud computing slang that industry analysts will use on a regular basis.

Being that these terms are being written about in academic white papers, these terms will no doubt be used by industry professionals going forward. Building out your cloud properly is the key to avoiding limpware and limplock. Be sure to audit your cloud on a regular basis and stay up to date on the latest training available for the cloud so that you and your team of IT professionals can stay ahead of the game.