Cloud Computing Spending to Exceed Forecasts

Analysts at IHS Technology have said that cloud computing spending will outpace previous forecasts by other major research firms. IHS predicts that from the timespan between 2011 and 2017, corporate spending on the cloud will have tripled. This figure represents a number of $235.1 billion in total spending. This compares to the 2011 figure of only $78.2 billion in cloud spending.

IHS analyst Jagdish Rebello was quoted as writing, “The robust growth will come as an increasing number of large and small enterprises move more of their applications to the cloud, while also looking at data analytics to drive new insights into consumer behavior.”

The IHS report also goes on to highlight a few key bullet points that are of note to cloud enthusiasts. One of the big bullet points said, “The future power brokers are yet to be determined.” This is important to note because while Amazon will likely be the big cloud leader going forward, other companies will rise seemingly from nowhere to capture part of the cloud revolution.

Under this bullet point, the report went on to say, “To date, however, wireless operators have lagged behind in cloud offerings, compared to other stakeholders like Google and Amazon. As a result, the operators are missing out on cloud-related revenue, which is going instead to rival factions of the mobile value chain. A new cloud paradigm will dictate new ways to manage data. Issues of security and compliance must be addressed, and cloud services need to be able to manage content in an organized fashion. Moreover, issues of data loss, unauthorized access and mining for marketing purposes require deft handling.”

This emerging market in the cloud storage industry is waiting to be fulfilled and this multibillion dollar opportunity will become a feeding frenzy for the sharks of the cloud sector.