Cloud Connected Smart ATMs Could Change Industry

Image Attribution: Flickr

NCR is an electronics vendor is based out of Duluth, GA. Once known as National Cash Register, NCR is known for producing walk up kiosks, POS terminals, ATMs and more. NCR has recently unveiled its idea to create a Smart ATM.  The concept of a Smart ATM is to move the ATM’s cash point operations into the cloud.
Industry professionals say that there’s a growing need for Smart ATMs. Traditional bank ATMs have become more susceptible to fraud tactics such as card skimming. Most traditional ATMs run on a Windows based platform. The core operating system in ATMs has never really been a problem. The architecture that many ATMs run on is solid, although in some circumstances, it can be decades old.
Banks who are looking to gain an edge against their competition are seriously considering the possibility of Smart ATMs. Robert Johnson, global director of software at NCR, is quoted as saying, “Banks are under increasing demands from consumers to provide a very engaging level of service, and one that’s in line with what customers are seeing in other lines of business. At the same time they’re under a great deal of pressure from the point of view of cutting costs. One of the things we’re doing at NCR is providing them with technology that can do both at the same time.”
NCR’s Smart ATM runs on the Android operating system. One of the reasons NCR used Android was to divert licensing costs associated with Microsoft products. If you’re a bank with a network of ATMs running Windows, you’d have to pay for each of those licenses. By using Android, NCR helps banks save on their bottom line.
Consequently, prototypes of the machine are said to have a smart phone app, in which bank customers can use to remove money from a specific ATM through the app. Since patrons are able to request cash from the ATM from their smartphone, NCR says that bank customers could visit the ATM and pick up cash without a debit card.