Cloud Data Integration and Backup in Skyvia

Nowadays cloud applications and technologies become more and more common. More and more businesses rely upon a cloud for storing and managing their data, and more and more cloud applications appear. Notable cloud application names include Salesforce, Google, Dropbox, etc.
When a company uses several different cloud applications, data integration becomes the crucial task for improving the decision-making quality and performance. Or there may be a need to switch from one cloud application to another, and in this case one may need data migration. And when many important business data is stored in cloud applications, this is the case when data backup becomes an essential need.
Actually, data backup is an essential need for every company. In general, there is a rule – all the important data must be backed up. If a data loss occurs, it may cause way more damage than making periodical data backups would ever cost. Though cloud applications seem to be more protected from hardware failures or hacker attacks and have their own backup means, their native backup tools are often inconvenient and insufficient. They either don’t make backups often enough, or don’t provide the possibility of partial data restore, or the restore is somewhat complicated, and it’s better to use some third-party tools.
When we are talking about integration, migration, or backup of the cloud data, it’s logical to find a cloud solution for these tasks. On-premise solutions would require more efforts for maintaining corresponding IT infrastructure, probably, more costs, and are generally not as reliable. Using a cloud service can be more practical in lots of aspects.
While there are many different cloud solutions for data integration, migration, and backup, few unite all these features. Skyvia is such a solution, which allows you to integrate, migrate, or back up cloud data completely without coding.

Cloud Backup

Skyvia enables you to mitigate the risks of data loss caused by employee mistakes or malicious actions by performing regular backups. If anything bad happens to your original data, you can always restore it from backup easily in just a few clicks. Even if original data source becomes inaccessible, you still can view and export the data that was backed up.
Skyvia can back up Salesforce, SugarCRM, Dynamics CRM, and Zoho CRM in both automatic daily and manual mode.

Cloud Data Integration

Wide Support for Different Data Sources

Skyvia can help you in a lot of different cases when you need to integrate your cloud data. It supports the same cloud applications, as for backup – Zoho CRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Dynamics CRM.
Skyvia is not limited to these cloud applications and allows you to integrate data in not just cloud, but also on-premise data sources. It can integrate your cloud data with the following databases:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server

If you have a need to integrate a cloud application with a data source not supported by Skyvia directly, you can do it using CSV files. Skyvia can export and import CSV files to supported data sources, so you can export data from the data source you want to integrate to CSV, and then import this CSV file with Skyvia and vice versa.
Such operation can be automated, because Skyvia can export and import CSV files from different cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive, or from FTP/SFTP, and can perform it automatically on schedule.

Supported Integration Operations

Skyvia offers convenient GUI wizards to configure any of the following integration operations:

  • Import – Skyvia supports both CSV file import and direct import of the data from one of the supported cloud apps or databases to another.
  • Export – You can easily and effortlessly export data from the above listed cloud apps or databases to CSV files.
  • Replication – Skyvia creates a copy of data from a cloud application in a database.
  • Synchronization – Get your data in various data sources synced periodically.

Every operation listed above can be run manually whenever you need or scheduled to be run automatically.

Cloud Migration

Skyvia offers GUI-based cloud data migration that can be configured in less than a minute. All you need is to connect to your cloud applications and select the data to migrate. However, if you need to configure your migration precisely, our visual editors provide you with a lot of powerful settings to configure your migration exactly as you need it.
You can either perform one-time migration using Skyvia import, or, if you need to use both cloud apps simultaneously for some time, you can keep their data in sync with Skyvia synchronization.
For now Skyvia service is free to register and use, so everyone can register and try its features oneself here.
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