Cloud DX Transforms Science Fiction into Science Reality

Cloud DX is expected to reveal its medical tricorder for the first time ever at SXSW Interactive. You may recall that a medical tricorder was used in the science fiction series Star Trek. Cloud DX’s President and CEO Robert Kaul doesn’t deny the Trekkie inspiration for Cloud DX’s medical tricorder; in fact, he embraces it.
“In the Star Trek series, Captain Kirk talks to his crew via a communicator, has his medical officers assess conditions through a handheld Tricorder and synthesizes food and physical goods using his replicator. This, of course, is science fiction, however, in some cases it is becoming science reality,” says Kaul.
Cloud DX’s journey began in early 2012. The Toronto based company was started with the idea that they wanted to build medical devices that could enhance the diagnostic information that medical staff obtained from patients. At SXSW Interactive, Kaul is expected to demonstrate the Cloud DX Tricorder in front of audiences for the first time.
So what exactly does Cloud DX’s Tricorder do?
The Tricorder will continuously monitor a patient’s vital signs and report that data into the cloud. A doctor could theoretically get a real time view of a patient’s diagnostic information at anytime. The Tricorder is designed to be worn in 72 hour intervals. The device continuously streams data such as on blood pressure, respiration, electrocardiogram (ECG), pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation and core body temperature into the cloud for analysis by your physician.
Cloud DX is also a finalist in the $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition. The competition asks teams to use technology to combat 15 medical conditions while capturing 5 vital health metrics. Cloud DX was first nominated as a finalist for the XPRIZE competition in August 2014.
CEO Kaul recently said, “The $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE is a perfect example of this innovation coming to life, and we’re thrilled to showcase our Tricorder device for the first time at SXSW Interactive.”