Cloud Elements Secures $25m For API Integration

The API sector is in for an upgrade as Cloud Elements recently announced a $25 million funding from the just concluded Series C round of funding. This round was led by the Mercato Partners, followed closely by other investors such as Harbert Growth Partners, Grotech Venture, and Upslope Ventures amidst many others. Results from this Series C round totals the Cloud Elements total funding capital to about $46.2 million.

Cloud Elements is one of the leading API integration platforms that focuses on incorporating your data and allowing you to major on the data important to you and your customers. Their services are solely directed towards helping software companies and big organizations to transform their applications and place them at the center of the digital ecosystem.

Cloud Elements has a large base of clients including software platforms such as IBM and SAP; financial providers of technology such as Western Union and PaySimple; and digital business units such as Xerox and Bradstreet, among many others.

The company is known for helping organizations to build well-integrated pre-built software platforms which reduces the need for these organizations to build individual integration stacks while not affecting the value of services they deliver to their customers.

API platforms are known to be too complex for easy comprehension by all. For this reason, companies like Cloud Elements help businesses combine the software to work together, bypassing point to point integration which is not effective but is done by majority business holders. They restructure and simplify API expansion, making it more based on a common language and combined data models.

Unified API is known to be a very strategic step of growth for software platform organizations and Cloud Elements does this effectively, thereby reducing the complexity of the platform. This funding for the company will be used to ensure continuous proliferation of the platform thereby increasing the proficiency of this platform. This propagates a major increase in digital innovations through the API platform, rapidly increasing the digital market.