Cloud Finds Itself in the Middle of a Political Scandal

Image Attribution: Flickr

One of the biggest ongoing stories in the world right now is the Hilary Clinton email scandal. Did Hilary knowingly break US law by utilizing a private email server instead of the secure email infrastructure provided by the US Government?
Lets backtrack and remember how we got here in the first place. Several years ago, many political personalities were having their email addresses hacked by a man named Guccifer. This man of Romanian descent utilized low tech methods of hacking political personalities; he simply answered the correct password retrieval questions using information found freely about these people on the internet. In this treasure trove of emails that was being leaked online, analysts began noticing a suspicious “” domain name in correspondence, which was eventually traced back to Hillary Clinton.
When congress started asking questions, Clinton’s private email data began to disappear. In fact, some analysts say that Clinton email server was wiped clean, however, evidence now shows that those emails were being backed up in the private cloud. As a result, the cloud will help federal investigators get to the bottom of this situation. Unbeknownst to Clinton, cloud backup services were rendered on her private email without her initially knowing, says a report.
At CloudWedge, we report on the biggest developments in government cloud. The US government’s cloud first initiative took precedence in 2010, which coincidentally was during the time Hillary Clinton was working in the State Department.
Regardless of what happens in the political fallout of the event, this event will likely help strengthen overall security for the US government’s cloud infrastructure and raise awareness for overall IT security practices. When users in your organization go rouge and bring their own unauthorized services into your environment, your valuable data and the reputation of your company could be at risk.