Cloud Infrastructure Sales Skyrocket in Latest IDC Report

Image Attribution: Flickr

Revenues relating to data center equipment such as servers, SANs and ethernet switches have grown 25.1% over the past year, according to the figures published by IDC. Analysts agree that this rise in sales is directly attributed to the fact that cloud is fueling data center innovation.
IDC analysts say that the growth of the cloud data center IT infrastructure market continues to outpace others segments. This is evidenced by the rapid adoption of cloud solutions within enterprises around the world.
“Both private and public cloud infrastructures have been growing at a similar pace, suggesting that customers are open to a broad array of hybrid deployment scenarios as they modernize their IT for the third platform, begin to deploy next-gen software solutions and embrace modern management processes that enable agile, flexible and extensible cloud platforms,” says Kuba Stolarski, a research manager at IDC.
IDC has been tracking IT trends all around the world for quite sometime. In the tracking of year over year revenues, the 25.1% rise in cloud IT revenue represents the second highest increase that IDC has ever published year over year (YoY) data on.
The report published by IDC breaks down the top vendors and their revenue growths from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015. Notable vendors such as HP rose 37.4% while Lenovo saw an increase of 770.3%. There’s an asterisk beside the Lenovo brand because its acquisition of the IBM x86 business back in October of 2014 fueled these numbers.
IDC’s report suggests that cloud adoption is strong and the progression of the technology will be sustained within the coming years. IDC indicates that the only regions that experienced a decline in cloud IT infrastructure spending was Central and Eastern Europe. The report says that these regions only experienced the decline due to political and economic turmoil.