Cloud Proves to be a Game Changer for the Sports Entertainment Industry

Sports Entertainment, the colloquial term used to describe Professional Wrestling, has used cloud to accelerate the industry’s international growth.
Simon Rothstein, the head of a PR firm that represents the TNA IMPACT Wrestling organization, recently shared his story in the form of an editorial about how cloud computing was a game changer for his industry.
A little background on TNA IMPACT Wrestling; although the company is based out of Nashville, TN, the wrestling organization has a global fanbase.
TNA Impact Wrestling is broadcast in over 14 different languages. The popular sports entertainment show appears in over 120 countries each week. Wrestlers such as Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy and others are regularly featured on a worldwide stage with TNA Impact Wrestling.
How does Simon Rothstein create media and rapidly distribute it to the various partners around the world?
The cloud, of course.
“I look back at how I used to collaborate with my colleagues around the globe and think of the time I wasted, the amount of stress I was under and the sheer frustration of trying to do something as simple as share a large file with my team,” says Rothstein.
What cloud service did Rothstain and TNA’s partners begin using?
“When the team chose Dropbox, I knew we were on to something; It has completely changed the way I work at TNA. I can rely on the unlimited storage and unbeatable accuracy to ensure seamless collaboration with all our broadcast partners,” Rothstein added.
In the past, Rothstein says that he would send physical media to partners. He’d send CDs, memory sticks and even tapes. Rothstein even began to loathe the process of using email as people would either not read their emails or ask Rothstein to “Send it again.”
Rothstein says that with the cloud, TNA has streamlined much of distribution to media partners using DropBox allowing him to send out material both rapidly and securely. This in turn has helped propel TNA Impact Wrestling into one of the most recognizable sports entertainment products on the market today.