Cloud Providers Gear Up For Summer of Evangelism

Image Attribution: Flickr

You could call it a cloud evangelism circuit, of sorts, that’s coming to a city near you. Over the next few months, the biggest names in cloud will be hosting events all around the world. These evangelism events, as some have called them, help introduce the latest cloud technologies to consumers. These collaboration sessions help spark ideas while showing businesses methods in which they can streamline their processes.
This week, the OpenStack Summit comes to Vancouver, Canada. OpenStack is steadily gaining popularity among large businesses. Organizations such as Walmart, BMW and others have adopted a flavor of OpenStack within their environments and some of these organizations will be on hand to give a first hand testimony as to what the OpenStack platform has done within their companies. Sources report that organizations such as RedHat, RackSpace and HP will be at the OpenStack summit, demonstrating to potential customers what they could possibly do with OpenStack in their environment.
The OpenStack Summit is only the first of several upcoming cloud evangelism conferences coming up on the calendar. Google says that they will host events in New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Japan and the UK between the dates of June 12th to June 25th. Google’s goal is to demonstrate that its Google Cloud Platform engine is ready for primetime, as Google seeks to gain larger organizations to sign up for its cloud services.
Amazon Web Services has a slew of events planned for this summer. As cloud providers ramp up their competitiveness, more innovative solutions born in the cloud will likely find their way to a conference being hosted near you. AWS lists on their website that they will have an AWS summit in Chicago on July 1st. Another event will be held on July 9th in New York City. Events being held in Amsterdam, Bogota and Tel Aviv are just a few of the AWS Summits that are being held around the world this summer.