Cloud on a Resume: The Benefits Explained

If you work within IT and your resume is missing the word “Cloud”, you are mostly likely lagging behind your competition in the job market. When openings for seasoned IT professionals come about, you should expect the other applicants to be aggressive, educated and ready to talk about cloud. It is the one specific word could set your resume apart from others applying for the position you desire.

Since IT services seemingly are becoming more cloud oriented, it is becoming imperative to become a cloud guru in some specific discipline in order to be taken seriously as a candidate for an IT position.
In a job interview, the first thing someone will do is print out your resume, begin highlighting it, circling and asking you about specific tasks you have performed in the past. Since cloud is becoming an integral part in today’s technological world, you can expect the word cloud to be highlighted and circled each time you write it on your resume. Therefore, your CV is seriously lagging behind the competition if you do not have any experience with the cloud. If you feel as if your resume falls into this category, here are a few ways you can spice up your resume.

Find a Cloud Service to Specialize In

Many people have gone on to make a career out of becoming a guru on the popular platform. Being proficient in a certain specific discipline can only help your endeavors. Many organizations need a cloud solution in one or more facets of their business. However, these organizations lack to know how in order to achieve the proposed cloud solution. With expert insight into a platform such as SalesForce, you can bring an innovative solution to an organization and help them achieve their end goals by using the cloud.

Take a Class

Microsoft Virtual Academy provides free training on the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service. VMWare, AWS, and other training courses can be found on various YouTube channels. Being a self-starter and showing an appetite to learn is critical for success in today’s technology job market. With the introduction of the cloud, it isn’t about what you learned 5-10 years ago, it is more about what you have learned recently.

Build and Brag

Brag about all of the cloud based activities you have performed in the past. If you have no cloud based activities, there is a plethora of free tutorials available which will help you build out test or development labs in the AWS free tier. Microsoft TechNet has several exercises available that help you build out a test lab environment in Azure. Be sure to sign up for Azure’s 30 day free trial to get the $200 free credit. Once you have built out these labs, brag about it on your resume. You may even want to bring in a tablet or a laptop to show the person interviewing you exactly what you are capable of doing in the cloud.