Cloud Security Alliance & CipherCloud Team Up To Deliver Standardized Best Practices for CASBs

Image Attribution: Flickr

Did you know that the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) market was virtually non-existent three years ago? Hence the name of a recent RSA conference titled, From Nonexistent to Gartner’s #1 Security Technology in Three Years What’s a CASB?.
In a nutshell, CASB’s can operate both on premises or strictly inside the public cloud. CASB’s offer a barrier of protection for enterprises concerning common security threats by enforcing the best practices for data management.
The emergence of organizations that have built Cloud Access Security Broker platforms have caused many enterprises to ask, “What about standardizations among Cloud Access Security Brokers?”
CipherCloud has teamed up with the Cloud Security Alliance in order to provide standardization within the CASB market. The CSA & CipherCloud initiative is being called The Cloud Security Open API Group. These two organization’s aren’t alone in their efforts; Deloitte, InfoSys, Intel Security and SAP are all pitching in to help out with the standardization effort.
“The right set of working definitions can boost adoption. This working group will help foster a secure cloud-computing environment – a win for vendors, partners and users. Standardizing APIs will help the ecosystem coalesce around a universal language and process for integrating security tools into the cloud applications,” said Jim Reavis, CEO of the CSA.
“Standards are an important frontier for the cloud security ecosystem,” added Reavis.
CipherCloud CEO Pravin Kothari mentions, “Defining a uniform set of standards can enable us all to operate from the same playbook.”
CipherCloud is one of the top vendors in terms of cloud visibility and data protection within the nascent CASB market. CipherCloud services include:

  • Cloud application discovery
  • Risk assessment
  • Data protection
  • Searchable strong encryption
  • Tokenization
  • Data loss prevention
  • Key management
  • Malware detection
  • Anomaly monitoring services

To help contribute to the standardization of CASBs, visit the Open API Charter website for more details.