Cloud Security: There's a New Sheriff in Town

ISheriff builds cloud based security products that help businesses shore up potential cyber security flaws.
The flagship product, iSheriff Complete, has just been released to provide organizations with a comprehensive suite of products that protect endpoints, email and web browsing activities.
ISheriff claims that it is the industry’s first comprehensive cloud security platform to provide these features all within a web based management portal on a single screen. This gives administrators a single pane of glass to configure their organization’s security policies in the cloud.
“In order to provide a secure network, a security manager must be able to see and control all communications in and out of that network,” says John Mutch, the CEO of iSheriff.
“iSheriff Complete provides superior malware protection and full control of Web, email and endpoint vectors, providing the only integrated cloud-based security platform available today. We deliver complete cyber security through the cloud, all controlled by a single, easy-to-use interface. iSheriff Complete implements security policies and schedules reports in minutes, so our customers can get back to running their businesses, ” Mutch added.
How does iSheriff protect organizations?
By providing a barrier between businesses and outside attacks, iSheriff examines all of your email, web and endpoint traffic in order to determine if your users are unknowingly downloading malicious content. ISheriff automatically filters out malware, ensuring that your communications are safe and secure.
ISheriff works by generating definition files on a 24x7x365 basis. Whenever a new threat is detected, definitions can be automatically updates within seconds, giving your organization a leg up on cyber attacks.
If a threat were to pop up on the console, administrators are alerted automatically. ISheriff goes further by introducing automation into the mix. Administrators can preconfigure iSheriff to take automatic remediation activities as soon as a threat is detected.