Cloud Set to Take Over Traditional POS Systems

Vend is a company that has revolutionized the POS market by putting POS systems in the cloud. POS stands for point of sale and the term is used to describe systems that customers use to check out at retail and brick and mortar establishments. Traditional POS companies will build out infrastructure onsite and upper management would ask the general management to send data. The cloud has made this the old way of doing business because the traditional method is costly and inefficient. Not only can a cloud POS centralize your entire accounting operation but companies will also save a lot of money by not having to purchase and maintain expensive POS equipment.

Vend noticed this opportunity and has packaged together a scalable cloud software suite that will run on any touchscreen enabled device. The cloud will take out the annoyances of traditional POS. Imagine you are at a restaurant that uses a cloud POS like vend. You are greeted at your table and you notice your hostess has a tablet, they ask you what you would like to drink, quickly tap in your order on their tablet and your server comes to your table with your drinks.
Once you are ready to order, you server inputs the order into the tablet and it is instantaneously relayed back to the kitchen. The end result is that the food arrives quickly, the order is accurate because your server didn’t transcribe it on a piece of paper and manually input it into a POS, and the server will likely receive a larger tip as a result of the premium services rendered by the establishment. This is just one way the cloud POS could overtake traditional systems. Inventory management features are also built into products like Vend which give organizations on demand reports on their supply chain. This gives a huge advantage over competition that may be using a traditional POS method without these sorts of advanced analytical features.