Cloud Storage Service Wuala to Cease Operations by November

Image Attribution: flickr

Launching a cloud storage service and having it go toe to toe with DropBox, OneDrive and Google Drive is no easy feat. Cloud storage startup Wuala, who is known for providing encrypted cloud storage, is just another casualty in the battle for cloud storage supremacy.
At the end of June, CloudWedge penned the article Buy a Seagate Backup Plus Hard Drive, Get 200GB Free w/ OneDrive. The news of Seagate giving away storage from Microsoft’s OneDrive came as a shock for some analysts, considering the fact that Seagate had acquired LaCie, Wuala’s parent company, a few years prior. Many tech pundits asked why Seagate would give away OneDrive storage when it has its own cloud storage service, Wuala.
Perhaps the writing was on the Wuala; Some technical analysts are reporting that Wuala is shutting down for unknown reasons. Whatever the reason is behind Wuala’s departure, the Zurich based company will likely be missed by those who used the service most. Wuala has been around since 2009 yet the platform never took off like some of the other more notable players in the cloud storage game.
“Effective as of today, you will no longer be able to purchase storage or renew existing accounts. Full account service will continue through 30 September 2015, at which point all active accounts will shift to read-only mode. Effective Sunday, 15 November 2015, the Wuala cloud service will terminate,” said a blog post written by Markus S. on the Wuala blog.
Wuala goes on to say that those who have prepaid for storage will be entitled to a prorated refund. Wuala is urging its users to backup their information on their hard drives by the mid November shut off date. Wuala goes on to say that its users should migrate to the Tresorit cloud, which provides encrypted end to end storage services for businesses and consumers. Wuala customers can get a refugee discount with Tresorit by using the coupon code WUALA15 when you sign up for Tresorit’s services.